Term Paper Description, Law and Society

You will work in teams of two students for this assignment. You will be doing a written analysis of the following four cases:

Chapter 2, Ewing v. California

Chapter 9, People v. Thomas

Chapter 5, People v. Goetz

Chapter 6, Oliver v. State, De Pasquale v. State

You will be emailing the paper to the professor before the date on the class schedule. Be sure to copy both partners of the paper, so that the grade will go out to all of the authors.

For each case, the first paragraph will be a brief description of the case, written in your own words.  The second paragraph will show how the law in that chapter applied to that particular case.  The second paragraph will be the longest, and the third paragraph will be the second longest. The third paragraph will state whether you agree or disagree with the outcome, and why, using a legal analysis.  Write approximately one page, typed, single spaced, for each case. Define all legal terms, assuming you are writing for the public at large, and explain legal concepts, theories, or Constitutional issues in detail for the public.

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