Week 05, Criminal Justice System

Assignments for Week 5:

I. Read Chapter 5, “Public Policing and Private Security” in your textbook. We will have Quiz #4 on these chapters and on last week’s lecture. 

II. Lecture, Chapter 6, The Police: Organization, Role, and Function.

III. Critical Thinking Questions for Paper from Chapter 4:

1. What are the specific aims and purposes of criminal law? To what extent does criminal law control behavior?

2. What is a criminal act? What is a criminal state of mind? When are individuals criminally liable for their actions?

3. Discuss the various kinds of crime classifications? To what extent or degree are they distinguishable?

Critical Thinking Questions for Paper from Chapter 5: 

1. List the problems faced by today’s police departments that were also present during the early days of policing.

2. There is concern that history may be repeating itself in policing due to increased reliance on civilian volunteers and privatization. Is this cause for concern?

3. Distinguish among the duties of the state police, sheriff’s departments, and local police departments.

4. What is the Department of Homeland Security? What are its component law enforcement agencies?

5. What are some of the technological advances that should help the police solve more crimes? What are the dangers of these advances?

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