Application and Analysis Paper Description

You will be working in teams of three students to do this assignment. The assignment involves finding current news articles about the police and law enforcement, courts and adjudication, corrections, or contemporary challenges in criminal justice––specifically, issues in criminal justice that have come up in the media this semester. 

It will be particularly impressive if you use one newspaper or journal from another country. Many of these are available on the Internet, such as The Irish Times and The London Times (through the library web page). Your team of three students will do six different articles with a total of six different issues covering the criminal justice system. 

For each entry, write one paragraph of summary of the issue. The second paragraph will be analysis, applying criminal justice concepts from your textbook. In the third paragraph, give your opinion of the current criminal justice policies and procedureson this issue. Whenever applicable, include policy implications of the issue you cover. The entries should be typed and single-spaced, Times New Roman, 12 size font––approximate length of each entry (summary, analysis, and opinion) is one page. The paper is now about laws, but about the criminal justice system.

Your audience will be other students at the University of La Verne who have not taken this course, so you will need to briefly define terms and explain theories, in detail. For each entry, give a link to the article and the page number of the criminal justice issue in your textbook, so I will be able to read the article and find the issue you are discussing. Entries without a source will not be counted in your grade. In addition to the paper, your team will do a fifteen to twenty minute PowerPoint presentation of all six of your articles along with the criminological analysis of each criminal incident. The presentation will be counted toward your participation grade for the course. For the PowerPoint presentation, your audience will be students in the class, so you do not need to define terms and explain concepts, except where it helps to illustrate something about the issue in your article. Include pictures or short video clips to make your presentation interesting to your audience.

Grading Criteria for Application and Analysis Paper:

1. Summary paragraph: An excellent paper will include a variety of laws, crimes, and correctional issues from a variety of newspapers. The summary should be complete, concise, and well-written. A variety of issues should be used.

2. Analysis paragraph: An excellent paper will include references from your textbook about the police and law enforcement, courts and adjudication, corrections, or contemporary challenges in criminal justice. You may use concepts not yet covered in class by looking ahead in your textbook. This paragraph also needs to be clear, concise, and well-written.

3. Opinion paragraph: What policies could improve the situation? Do the current policies adequately serve the public, the victims, or the offenders? What is the current debate about the issue, including both sides of the debate.

3. PowerPoint presentation: An excellent presentation will consist of a fifteen to twenty minute presentation of your six articles––summary and analysis of each case to be presented during the last two weeks of the term. Include pictures that illustrate the topic of discussion.

You will be emailing the paper to the professor before the date on the class schedule. You won’t be emailing your PowerPoint presentation, because I will see that in class. Be certain to copy your partners on this paper when you submit it to me, so that the grade goes out to all authors.

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