Week 06, Introduction to Criminology

Assignments for Week 6:

1. Read Chapter 5, “Trait Theories” in your textbook. We will have Quiz #5 this week on this chapter and on last week’s lecture. 

2. Lecture: Social Structure Theories

3. Critical Thinking Questions for Group Discussion:

a. What should be done with the young children of violence prone criminals if in fact research could show that the tendency to commit crime is inherited?

b. After considering the existing research on the subject, would you recommend that young children be forbidden from eating foods with a heavy sugar content?

c. Knowing what you do about trends and patterns in crime, how would you counteract the assertion that people who commit crime are physically or mentally abnormal? For example, how would you explain the fact that crime is more likely to occur in western and urban areas than in eastern or rural areas?

d. Aside from becoming a criminal, what other career paths are open to psychopaths?

e. Research shows that kids who watch a lot of TV in adolescence are more likely to behave aggressively to adulthood. This has led some to conclude that TV watching is responsible for adult violence. Can this relationship be explained in another way?

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