Week 03, Introduction to Criminology

Assignments for Week 3:

1. Read Chapter 2, “The Nature and Extent of Crime,” in your textbook. We will have Quiz #2 on this chapter and on the lecture from last week.    

2. Lecture #3, Victims and Victimization

3. Critical Thinking Questions for Group Discussion:

a. Would you answer honestly if a national crime survey asked you about your criminal behavior, including drinking and drug use? If not, why not? If you would not answer honestly, do you question the accuracy of self-report surveys?

b. How would you explain gender differences in the crime rate? Why do you think males are more violent than females? Assuming that males are more violent than females, does that mean crime has a biological rather than a social basis?

c. The UCR reports that crime rates are higher in large cities than in small towns. What does that tell us about the effects of violent TV and films and rap music on teenage behavior?

d. What social and environmental factors do you believe influence the crime rate? Do you think a national emergency would increase or decrease crime rates?

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