Week 12, Introduction to Criminology

Assignments for Week 12:

1. Read Chapter 12, “Property Crime.” We will have Quiz #11 on this chapter this week.

2. Lecture: “Enterprise Crime: White-Collar, Green and Transnational Organized Crime”

3. Critical Thinking Questions for Group Discussion:

a. Differentiate between an occasional and a professional criminal. Which one would be more likely to resort to violence? Which one would be more easily deterred?

b. What crime occurs when a person who owns an antique store sells a client an “original” Tiffany lamp that the seller knows is a fake? Would it still be a crime if the person selling the lamp was not aware that it was a fake? As an antique dealer, should the seller have a duty to determine the authenticity of the products he or she sells?

c. What are the characteristics of good burglars? Can you compare their career path to any other professionals, such as doctors or lawyers? Which theory of criminal behavior best predicts the development of the good burglar?

d. You have been the victim of repeat burglaries. What could you do to reduce the chances of future victimization? (Hint: Buying a gun is not an option!)

4. Application and Analysis Paper due this week emailed to professor before the first class this week. If the paper is not received before class this week, the grade will be lowered a full letter grade.

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