Week 11, Introduction to Criminology

Assignments for Week 11:

1. Read Chapter 11, “Political Crime and Terrorism.” We will have Quiz #10 on Chapter 11 this week. 

2. Lecture: “Property Crime” 

3. Critical Thinking Questions for Group Discussion:

a. Would you be willing to give up some of your civil rights in order to aid the war on terror?

b. Should terror suspects arrested in a foreign land be given the same rights and privileges as an American citizen accused of crime?

c. What groups in America might be the breeding ground for terrorist activity in the United States?

d. In light of the 9/11 attack, should acts of terrorism be treated differently from other common-law violent crimes? Should terrorists be executed for their acts even if no one is killed during their attack?

e. Can the use of torture ever be justified? Is the “ticking bomb” scenario valid?

f. A spy gives plans for a new weapon to the enemy. They build the weapon and use it to kill American soldiers. Is the spy guilty of murder?

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