Week 07, Criminal Justice System

Assignments for Week 7:

1.  Read Chapter 7, “Issues in Policing.” We will have Quiz #6 on this chapter and on last week’s lecture.  

2. Lecture, Chapter 8, Police and the Rule of Law

3. Critical Thinking Questions for Class Discussion:

a. Should male and female officers have exactly the same duties in a police department? If not, why not?

b. Do you think that working the street will eventually lead an officer to develop a cynical personality and distrust for civilians? Explain.

c. How can education help police officers?

d. Should a police officer who accepts a free meal from a restaurant owner be dismissed from the force? Why or why not? Should police be allowed to accept free meals from the public? Why or why not?

e. A police officer orders an unarmed person running away from a burglary to stop. The suspect keeps running and is shot and killed by the officer. Has the officer committed a crime? Explain.

f. Would you like to live in a society that abolished police discretion and followed a full-enforcement policy? Why or why not?

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