Week 06, Criminal Justice System

Assignments for Week 6:

1. Read Chapter 6, “The Police: Organization, Role, and Function” in your textbook. We will have Quiz #5 this week on this chapter and on last week’s lecture. 

2. Lecture, Chapter 7, Issues in Policing

3. Critical Thinking Questions for Group Discussion:

a. Should the primary police role be law enforcement or community service? Explain.

b. Should a police chief be permitted to promote an officer with special skills to a supervisory position, or should all officers be forced to spend time in rank? Why or why not?

c. Do the advantages of proactive policing outweigh the disadvantages? Explain.

d. Can the police and the community ever form a partnership to fight crime? Why or why not? Does the community policing model remind you of early forms of policing? Explain.

e. What are the relationships among community policing, problem-oriented policing, and intelligence-led policing? Are they similar or fundamentally different?

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