Week 02, Criminal Justice System

Assignments for Week 2:

1. Read Chapter 1, “Crime and Criminal Justice,” in your textbook. We will have Quiz #1 on this chapter and on last week’s lecture in the first class session this week. All the quizzes are closed book and open notes.

2. Brief Lecture, Chapter 2, The Nature and Extent of Crime

3. Critical Thinking Questions for Group Discussion from Chapter 1 (Be specific, with examples to support your answers):

a. Describe the differences between the formal and informal justice systems. Is it fair to treat some offenders informally?

b. What are the layers of the criminal justice wedding cake model? Give an example of a crime for each layer.

c. What are the basic elements of each perspective on justice? Which perspective best represents your own point of view?

d. How would each perspective on criminal justice view the use of the death penalty as a sanction for first-degree murder?

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