Week 12, Criminal Justice System

Assignments for Week 12:

1. Read Chapter 12, “Community Sentences: Probation, Intermediate Sanctions, and Restorative Justice.” We will have Quiz #11 on this chapter this week.

II. Lecture, Chapter 13, Corrections: History, Institutions, and Populations

III. Critical Thinking Questions from Chapter 12 for Paper:

1. What is the purpose of probation? Identify some conditions of probation, and discuss the responsibilities of the probation officer.

2. Discuss the procedures involved in probation revocation. What are the rights of the probationer? Is probation a privilege or a right? Explain.

3. Should a convicted criminal make restitution to the victim? Why or why not? When is restitution inappropriate?

4. Should offenders be fined on the basis of the severity of what they did or according to their ability to pay? Is it fair to base day fines on wages? Why or why not? Should offenders be punished more severely because they are financially successful? Explain.

5. Does house arrest involve a violation of personal freedom? Does wearing an ankle bracelet smack of “Big Brother”? Would you want the government monitoring your daily activities? Could this be expanded, for example, to monitoring the whereabouts of AIDS patients? Explain.

6. Do you agree that criminals can be restored through community interaction? Considering the fact that recidivism rates are so high, are traditional sanctions a waste of time and restorative ones the wave of the future?

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