This evening or this weekend, you may have time for a fun read.  Escape to the tranquil shores on the Isle of Capri, Italy, the energized city of Monte Carlo, Monaco, the welcoming village of Portofino, Italy, or perhaps, the beautiful coast of California.

If you enjoy reading international mystery/adventures, you will enjoy Murder on the Isle of Capri, Italy. We are pleased that it has been a recent Number One topseller on Apple for Mysteries and Thrillers. We hope you are carried into the suspenseful tale transporting you to the Mediterranean Coast. Come aboard John Hunter's yacht and cruise to ports in Italy, Monaco, Spain, and France. For additional information about downloading the books, go to Karen’s website.  

We are offering The Girl on the Yacht for free on Apple iPhone, and iPad, and Apple computers (through the iBooks App), and on Amazon devices to introduce new readers to the Ryan-Hunter series.   

We have a new book in the Ryan-Hunter series that is now available: Christmas in Paris. 

Cliffs of Portofino and Cliffs of Monaco are being pitched by a screenwriter to producers in Hollywood, and two producers have expressed interest in the series of books. We’ll keep readers posted on our website. 

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